Poem a Month – World Alzheimer’s Day

Poem a Month – World Alzheimer’s Day

This is a special post to mark World Alzheimer's Day.  One of the entries we received for the Poem a Month writing competition was by Glyn Evans who wrote about his wife who lives with dementia. Keep on Going is an honest and touching poem about their shared experiences now and in the past. We felt that many people would identify with his thoughts and the poem deserved a wider audience.

My 86 year old wife Joan (we have been married for 57 years) has had Alzheimer's for about 12 years.  I am her full time carer and have written this poem about our situation. And I know there are others like us 'out there'. - Glyn

Keep on Going!

When she asks you four times what's for dinner
And you had it an hour ago,
When the brisk, lively girl that you married
Is now dreadfully, painfully slow,
When she forgets that a visitor came
You have to treat it just like a game,
Keep on going.

If she looks at you - not understanding,
Reassure her with a quick kiss.
Just think of the wonderful times that we've had
For it isn't her fault she's like this.
I can still make her laugh, or at least I can try
Though I'd much rather hid in a corner and cry.
Keep on going.

And you must never show any impatience
For that will only cause her distress.
Just brush her hair very gently
And wash her - and help her to dress.
Yes, she is my wife my very best friend,
And I will be with her right to the end.
Keep on going.

By Glyn Evans


For more information about World Alzheimer's Day visit the website.

Derbyshire Libraries have information and reading lists about dementia.  Many of our libraries have health and wellbeing zones.  We also promote Books on Prescription and Mood Boosting books as part of the national Reading Well campaign.

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