Opportunity for Freelance Evaluator – UK Young Artists National Festival: Derby 2016

UK Young Artists (UKYA) is looking to appoint a Freelance Evaluator to gauge the success and impact of our forthcoming National Festival: Derby 2016. Working with the support of the UKYA team you will be responsible for monitoring activities leading up to and including the event, in November 2016. In addition to the festival we will be holding a development weekend in October, to which a small number of artists will come and try out work in progress and for those working site specifically to view locations etc. in advance.

Our National Festival is held biennially. This year sees us presenting work across the City of Derby, partnering with key local arts organisations, the University of Derby and the local authority to present a wide range of work, from visual arts and spoken word to theatre and dance.

Expected outcomes
We are seeking evaluation that:
• Provides UKYA with insight that will enable us to develop and grow our organisation. How well has the National Festival met the aims and objectives of UKYA?
• Provides evidence that the Business Development Manager can use for future funding bids to illustrate the impact of our work. This should include the impact on the city (social and economic agendas), the impact on HE/students (employability agendas), the impact on volunteers and the impact of other partners/stakeholders. By impact we mean what the effect and change has been (not just numbers and quotes)
• Provides UKYA with statistics re: age, experience, geography etc. of artists and identifies gaps and opportunities for development
• Provides UKYA with demographics around audiences and volunteers and identifies gaps and opportunities for development
• Provides two case studies of selected artists, illustrating the change and impact for artists attending the event, providing evidence of the journey the artist has gone on, identifying the learning that has taken place and demonstrable change
• Provides audience responses and soundbites which can be used for our marketing and publicity purposes
• Includes feedback from partner organisations and venues, participants, volunteers and audiences to enable us to improve future festivals
• Evaluates new strands of activity such as our Curatorial Development Programme, ‘Check In’ weekend and Artists Ambassadors - being clear about how we can demonstrate its effectiveness

Tender process
To apply please send a tender which covers the following:
• A statement outlining your approach to the evaluation
• Your experience of monitoring and evaluation frameworks and producing robust impact
and evaluation reports for cultural projects
• Your understanding of appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools and techniques for data
/ information collation and how they can be used to demonstrate change/impact
• Your techniques for researching, analysing data and gathering evidence
• The experience of each person undertaking the evaluation
• One example of a previous evaluation that you have undertaken
• A budget to undertake the work, including a breakdown of all costs. We envisage a total fee
not exceeding £2500 inc. VAT
• Name and contact information of one referee
• An initial timeline/ framework of how you might deliver the work

We are seeking to work with evaluators who are able to take a creative approach to this work and provide UKYA with real insight.
We welcome tenders from individuals, partnerships and organisations.

For more information about UKYA please visit our website: www.ukyoungartists.co.uk
Or for more information about the needs of the evaluation please contact Tina Smith, Business Development Manager by email in the first instance - tina@ukyoungartists.co.uk

Please send your Tenders in a PDF format to julian@ukyoungartists.co.uk using the subject heading ‘Evaluation Tender Derby 2016’.

Key dates
Closing date for applications is Noon Friday 13th May and for interviews is Tuesday 24th May.

Selection of Artists for the Derby Festival (Appointed evaluators will not be expected to attend this selection but data will be provided for your use)
‘Check In’ Artist pre-show weekend 3-4 September
UKYA Festival: Derby 2016 4-6 November
Delivery deadline for evaluation Monday 5th December 2016

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