Night club night for adults with learning difficulties! Family, friends and carers also welcome.

Our clubnights our very popular, the last clubnight brought around 100 people together. The Manchester Evening News has since given our event tremendous promotion with their article.
Glow in the Dark

To set the atmosphere we also have free 'Glow Sticks' and have a facepainter coming along with 'Glow in the Dark' paints. Facepainting prices ranging between £1, £2 and £3 for anything really elaborate. 

Our members have put together the music and have learned how to use DJ software and equipment. Matt Berry (DJ Racoon) will be lead DJ on the night.

We have hired Club HQ, night club exclusively.

Organised by Life you choose an arts and multimedia group for adults with learning difficulties. 

Life you choose is looking for supporters. On the supporters group, we will post what we are looking for support with, so you can choose what you want to support. 


lubnight Group (find videos and pictures from our last clubnights - 

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