New Perspectives: The Festival of Small Things

New Perspectives: The Festival of Small Things

The Festival of Small Things is a celebration of true encounters, intimate exchanges and the joy of things you can hold.

Derbyshire acclaimed photographer Tony Fisher joins artist Fi Marks in an intimate exhibition, called Touch. Hold a series of original Polaroids taken by the photographer and artist that tells a story.

Taking place all around Nottingham, and in homes around the country, the festival is open to the notion of 'theatre' to encompass every live experience that unearths a quiet sense drama. This is a festival of the unexpected, of the unshowy, of the quiet experience.


Find their part of the festival at Martin's Pond Nature Reserve, Wollaton from 10am-4pm on Saturday 17th July 2021.

Entry is free of charge, so come along to show your support for one of our own Derbyshire-based artists.

Find more information on the New Perspectives website.


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