New Mills Festival Call for Events

Firstly, we have the dates for New Mills Festival 2023 confirmed as 8 to 30 September. Pop that in your diary here and now!

Secondly, and the point of this email; we want to pack the fortnight with events! All kinds of events; musical, arty, acts, walks, talks, displays, performances, interactive, and the usual assortment of quirky, entertaining, educational and crafty events New Mills loves! 

As always, New Mills Festival relies on a superb mix of community spirit, local groups, organisations, individuals and enterprises to pull this out of the bag. It's up to you all to shape it and make it so it's a Festival that's both by you and for you. We need you to lead the entertainment, to showcase your business / venue / band / passion and share what's important to you with the town. 

Existing organiser looking at putting on an event in 2023? If you've organised an event before, there's a form on our website to get your performance into New Mills Festival's schedule. (New Mills Festival Form).

New to this but really fancy putting on an event in New Mills Festival in 2023? Have an idea, but haven't done this before? Get in touch, bounce it off an enthusiastic sounding board, email us on Or find out more here

New to this, but feeling confident of your 2023 event? If you've already got your venue, your idea, your people lined up, then get that form in to safeguard your slot on New Mills Festival's schedule. Info here

To fill in the form, we recommend you have a great photo of who your group is / what you do lined up and ready to go.

We've already got some of the regular favourites booked in, can your idea fit alongside these as part of a fun packed fortnight? 

It's not long now!



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