Necklace collection at gallerytop

Necklace collection at gallerytop

We have a range of new work in the gallery for our 'Natural Christmas' exhibition which is being continuously added to our website.

Part of the exhibition features a showcase of new jewellery. 'Necklace 2020' is a collection of unique and one-off necklaces which celebrate the creativity and innovative work of the jewellers we already stock here at Gallerytop.

Each jeweller was asked to present just one necklace; an opportunity to make something new, to work in another way or in a different material.

Curated by Laura Baxter, whose own work forms part of the show, Necklace 2020 brings together over 30 original pieces for sale and coincides with gallerytop’s ‘A Natural Christmas’ which seeks to promote and celebrate concepts of quality, simplicity, longevity, authenticity and thoughtfulness…

Visit the online collection here.


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