This Month We Recommend You Read...

There are so many books we could recommend to you and your children. This month, as we see the start of the Summer Reading Challenge, we are recommending that you join the Gadgeteers and check out these titles!

Perfectly weird, perfectly you - Camilla Pang 

Diagnosed with autism age 8, Camilla saw the world very differently. But with science as her sidekick, she was able to translate ideas she could understand (like gravity, photosynthesis and algorithms) onto things she couldn’t (like peer pressure, emotions and finding your voice).​ Today, Camilla is a scientist and an award-winning author, and she is here to share her scientific survival guide with you – so you can grow up with the courage to be yourself, no matter how different you feel or how tricky you might find it to connect. A great middle grade read!

Yasmin the Scientist - Saadia Faruqi and Hatem Aly

Everyone seems to have an idea for the science fair except for Yasmin! After some failed experiments, Yasmin’s snack break with Nani inspires an idea. Together they use kitchen science for sweet success. Want to be a scientist? Look around, and everything has science in it! Yasmin learns of a science experiment by accident and is marvelled by it. Perfect for budding scientist and readers!

Once upon a big idea: the story of inventions - James Carter and Margaux Carpentier

From bridges and boats to medicines and mobile phones, this book takes readers on a journey of discovery through all the amazing inventions human beings have come up with. Learn how rocks and stones helped create the pyramids and how modern materials such as concrete and nylon have changed our lives.​ A perfect picture book to share at home.

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