Matlock Storytelling Cafe Present “Oh No It Isn’t!”

Matlock Storytelling Cafe Present   “Oh No It Isn’t!”

Saul Jaffe


The True Tales behind our favourite Pantomimes

From out of the East Anglian woods two young children emerge, green-skinned, babbling a strange language. In Gloucestershire, a poverty-stricken boy heads to London with dreams of making his fortune, whilst out on the dust filled plains of New Mexico, a poor Turkey girl disobeys her instruction to be back from the ball before midnight, with disastrous consequences! If you think Magic goldfish, deals with the Devil or dreams of finding a fortune are the stuff of fantasy, then you'd be wrong. “Oh No It Isn’t!” reveals the origins of some of the nation’s favourite pantomimes, and even a Christmas carol or two! So prepare to slap your thighs, boo and hiss, ready to hear some crackers of a story. 

Come along to experience the incredible Saul Jaffe on Friday the 1st of November, we're in the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock, DE4 3NL. Doors open at 6:45 PM be sitting comfortably for 7:30 and we'll begin. We have the most fabulous home made soups and cakes tea coffee etc. we don't sell booze but by all means bring your own, it is Friday night and you'll be amongst friends. Tickets are £7, for more information visit our Facebook page.


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