Matlock Music concert programme 18.05.18

Sue Clark and David WinderPiano duets


Organ concerto opus 4 No.5 in F major1685-1759 Larghetto - Allegro - Alla Siciliana - Presto

Theme and Variations in G major K501

No. 1 in C major

No. 3 in E major

No. 4 in A flat major

Brahms 1833-1897 Seven Waltzes from opus 39



JC Bach 1735-1782 Sonata in A major opus 18 No.5

Allegretto - Minuetto

Schubert 1797 -1828 Rondo in A major opus 107, D591


Dvorak 1841-1904 Legends opus 59

No. 2 in G major

No. 1 in D minor


Sue Clark and David Winder are both lifelong piano duettists who have performed in a wide variety of venues. They have played together as a duo since 2014.

Sue Clark was introduced to an extensive range of music through playing piano duets with her father.  She took a degree in music at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and became an Associate of the Royal College of Music for teaching the oboe.  She later trained as an educational psychologist, and worked for Birmingham City Council for 20 years. During this time she maintained her interest in music by singing in the Birmingham Bach Choir and through duet playing. In retirement piano playing, including duet playing, has become increasingly important to her.  She is a member of the Manchester Alberti piano group that meets fortnightly to perform to one another.

David Winder has spent his professional life in the service of trusts, charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to improving peoples’ lives in disadvantaged communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa.  His last assignment was with WaterAid and he now serves on the board of Village Aid.  Living in many countries gave him the opportunity to perform music with professional musicians and gifted amateurs.  As well as giving piano duet recitals he has played the harpsichord in chamber music concerts.  He performed the Vivaldi Seasons with James Galway and the Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra. On piano, organ and harpsichord he has accompanied instrumental and vocal soloists as well as choirs in concert.

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