The MasterChefs of Gosley cook on a budget

There was a lot of fun and learning during the summer holidays on the Cooking on a Budget programme in Swadlincote.

We worked with local families from Swadlincote in collaboration with community partners, including the local church with reverend Bex Allpress, the Henry Foundation, and the Gosely Community Centre.

Led by tutor Alison Doyle- Stephenson, the group, worked with seasonal foods and ingredients to make delicious food that was nutritious, tasty, and healthy!

The children really enjoyed the programme and surprised many of their parents with the new foods they were tasting and the tasty treats they were making.

Parents also had a chance to meet other parents from the community and make friends. In addition, we gave families helpful information about food apps that could lead them to find food bargains.

At the end of each session, families took away a bag of food and recipe cards to make the same meal again at home.

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