The Man Without A Past New Perspectives Theatre

Sunday 19th May 2019 - 7:30 pm


Crich Glebe Field Centre (DE4 5EU)


Part-melancholic love story, part-deliciously deadpan comedy, The Man Without A Past takes us on one man's extraordinary journey from anonymity to unexpected salvation.


A middle-aged man is set upon by thugs in a Helsinki park. Left with amnesia, he cannot recollect a single detail about himself. Unable to provide information to the authorities, he has no legal way to regain his life. He finds, and is taken in by, an eccentric homeless community. They live in genteel contentment in abandoned shipping containers on the shoreline. Beginning an accidental romance with a nice Salvation Army lass, he is freed to start putting life back together again. But the past doesn't leave him alone for long...

A compassionate, heart-warming tale played against a cracking live soundtrack, this is impassive, impressive stuff, laced with social insight and gentle, quirky humour. “The Man Without A Past” celebrates the human capacity for goodness and generosity, but does so on its own idiosyncratic terms.

The Man Without A Past is based on the Cannes Grand Prix award winning film comedy of the same name, by one of Finland’s greatest modern storytellers, Aki Kaurismäki. It has been cleverly adapted for the stage by Jack McNamara, NP’s Artistic Director

Suitable for those aged 12 and over.

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