Made In Derbyshire promotional materials for sale

Made In Derbyshire promotional materials for sale

We have available a small range of promotional materials for members to use in their marketing.  The stickers and shelf wobblers are great for art galleries, retail spaces and markets.  Pictured above are these items in use at Heage Windmill already.

Members can buy the following promotional items from us at a discount, although members are also free to produce their own marketing materials using the brand guidelines available at this link:

  • Round white sticky labels (3.75cm diameter) = £30 per 1,000
  • Shelf wobblers (7.5cm diameter) = 50p each
  • 18 x 23cm brown paper bags with the Made In Derbyshire logo, with handles, 25p each

Members can also buy the following retail items at cost price + postage and they are then free to sell on to the public at a set price:

  • Made in Derbyshire cotton shopping bags - £3 each to buy; sell on at £4.99
  • Made in Derbyshire tea towels (with the Made in Derbyshire poem on them) - £3 each to buy, sell on at £4.99 
  • The Derbyshire Cook Book - £10 each to buy; sell on at £14.95 

In the first instance, please approach Ann Wright on 

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