This Little Boutique Offers The Answer To the Age Old Question!

This Little Boutique Offers The Answer To the Age Old Question!

“This? – I’ve had it ages” is a phrase well-used by women over the decades to deflect questions about yet another new fashion purchase.

And now it has been the inspiration for a Derby woman to fulfil her dream of owning her own boutique.

This Little Boutique has been unveiled in Town Street, Duffield, by Mickleover mum of two Emma Auger – a self-confessed fashion fan.

Emma has spent the past 25 years specialising in marketing a wide range of professional services but her first love has always been clothes.

She has used her marketing experience to cleverly brand key messages across the small but perfectly formed boutique in the busy village high street, from the little gift bags ‘this is for you’; to the sign above the large feature mirror – ‘does my bum look big in this?’.

Emma explained: “Opening This Little Boutique is a dream I’ve had for years and, as I approached my mid-forties, I decided it was now or never!

“I pondered over the name for months in the run up to opening but ‘this’ was a word that kept coming up over a glass of wine with friends one evening and it snowballed from there.

“How many times have we said to our other halves – ‘this old thing – I’ve had it ages!’ – I certainly have - and it usually works!

“Our wardrobes are full of those bad decisions with 80% of clothes that we have worn once and then never again see the light of day.

“My aim is to help women scale down and concentrate on some key pieces that they can dress up or down and wear in all sorts of ways so you don’t have to keep on making excuses for going shopping.  My focus is everyday wearable and affordable fashion.”

Emma has chosen ranges from a selection of designers who are each offering something different but with the shared values of a grown up fit that best highlights a woman’s assets.

She says that This Little Boutique is therefore based on the shopping experience that she enjoys.

“Like most women, I don’t want to be wearing the same thing as my teenage daughter or walk into a party to find three other people wearing the same outfit from the high street. 

“We want to be fashionable and stylish but to wear something comfortable that we look good in and that will stand the test of time.

 “I personally like boutiques that I feel comfortable walking into, whether it’s just to browse or to find something specific. 

“I want to be given the space and freedom to make my own decisions but I also like a bit of help on hand if I ask for it.  I don’t want pushy sales people but someone who is going to be honest with me and not let me walk out of the shop having made a bad decision.

 “I therefore like to offer a personal shopping experience and my customers often tell me that they would never have chosen the pieces that I pick off the rail for them to try, but go out feeling amazing!

“The key aim is to give women choice and I have selected designers who really understand women and what makes us tick.

“The most popular lines are proving to be the Danish brands InWear and Cream (of which I am the only stockist in Derby) as well as British brands Suzy D and The Pretty Dress Company and Spanish Tinta Style and Bariloche.  I’m also introducing a beautiful new French brand Charlise for the Autumn collection.

“The common theme is a grown up fit.  I love the trousers and jeans that we stock which is always good starting point as a staple for your capsule wardrobe.  When I’m selecting styles, I’m keen to meet my customers’ needs.  For example  many women want tops that are slightly longer and prefer a bit of sleeve –  we’re all conscious about our tums and arms!

And Emma’s final piece of advice – be in the right frame of mind when going shopping

“I always find that customers are in the best frame of mind to buy clothes when they have spent a bit of ‘me’ time – whether that is meeting a friend for a coffee or having been to the hairdressers. 

“You already feel good about yourself and are much more likely to find that perfect outfit.  You need to take time to try a few things on and be open minded to try something new.

“When we feel good in something, the confidence starts to flow and we feel better about everything else.

“I therefore want ‘This’ to be a great starting point for the summer to ditch our dowdy winter clothes and embrace what makes all of us special in our own unique way.”

This Little Boutique is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm.  Find This Little Boutique on Facebook or call 01332 841897

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