Life of Brian …

Life of Brian...

DOLL'S HOUSE productions present a comedy musical ‘Whatever Happened To Brian’ at the Green Man Gallery, Buxton, on July 12 and 20th at 7-30pm, as part of Buxton Festival Fringe.

With theatre band ‘The Sounds Bizzare,’ it is the story of a man whose life has slid ever downhill since childhood.

Audiences will be introduced to Brian’s three oddball lady friends before being asked to assist a psychiatrist as she attempts to return Brian to some sort of normality.

It features Tina King, from Peter Kay’s Car Share, Sarah Gordon, Johnny Dysfunctional; Mat and Niki Adlam Stiles of Cage of Crows, George Chaos and Bongo Bob.

Written by Alan Charnley the actors and band are drawn from across the High Peak. Tickets are available at the Green Man on 01298 937375.

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