LEVEL Residency Lab - open for applications

LEVEL Residency Lab - open for applications

In 2021, LEVEL launched the Level Residency Lab, a research and development opportunity for professional artists who either identify as Disabled or whose work is suitable for Learning Disabled people and the wider community working across visual, digital and performing arts.

The scheme has been a huge success, and we’ve supported 16 artists so far including Juke & Lake of Open Theatre, Maral Mamaghani, John Whall, Hubbub Theatre Co and Billy Read. Here's what Daniel Longhurst, a recent residency artist, had to say about their time at LEVEL:

"Being in residence at the LEVEL Centre allowed me to further develop my ideas surrounding grounding and non-verbal communication in movement. Having the studio every day during my time with LEVEL was a dream. Bouncing thoughts and ideas off the team felt beneficial to my practice and helped steer and collate my thoughts in and out of the space."

The Level Residency Lab is now open for applications!

We're looking to support a number of artists who have bold, ambitious ideas that strengthen our mission to celebrate the ‘Art that Difference Makes’ and continue to bring high quality art to rural Derbyshire.

Residencies are planned to take place between October 2022 and March 2023 with selected Artists or companies offered a one to two week residency depending on the project. The residency includes space at Level Centre in Derbyshire and a financial contribution.

Find out more about the residencies and how to apply.

Residencies are just the start of our journey with many artists. We value the LEVEL family and look to develop ongoing working relationships with our Residency Alumni.

Please feel free to pass on this opportunity to anyone you feel might be interested, we're looking forward to working with another group of amazing artists!

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