Let us tell you a story…


Introducing Bolsover Stories, a two-day festival of arts happening all across Bolsover Town - with theatre and film, poetry and puppetry, photography and sculpture (not to mention painting with pedals, Bolsover Bingo and a moveable museum) taking place at indoor and outdoor venues from Carr Vale to the castle - and most of it is FREE.

The event line-up has been chosen, in part, by a community panel who were invited, by First Art, to Bainbridge Hall to listen to proposals from a wide range of artistic offerings. Throughout September, artists are spending time with local groups and individuals to create works which paint a picture of the town, past, present and future, through the stories of its people and places.

Festival Highlights include the award-winning High Street Odyssey by Inspector Sands, a promenade audio-performance of Bolsover high street. Audience members will be kitted out with instructions, headphones, binoculars and an umbrella then guided on a dream-like voyage into the histories and mysteries, the archaeology and mythology of the everyday high street. New York Theatre guide said "They are brilliant and reckless, precise and inventive, intelligent and frank. They are kaleidoscopic creators. Don’t miss them!"

Our full festival guide will be published on October 2nd and will be available at the Bolsover Castle shop, Bolsover library, Bainbridge Hall, The Assembly Rooms and Beans Coffee Shop. All listings (and ticket information) will also be on our event webpage: www.firstart.org.uk/whats-on/events/future-events/bolsover-stories

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of Derbyshire County Council, Bolsover District Council and Old Bolsover Town Council in producing this event, and give further thanks to English Heritage for the use of Bolsover Castle as one of our venues for the festival.

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