Less than 2 weeks to go till the County's most exciting Arts event!

Less than 2 weeks to go till the County's most exciting Arts event!

Keep the bank holiday weekend free! 

To visit our fabulous artists around the county of course! There are over 200 artists exhibiting at 72 venues right across Derbyshire. We're sure you will find something you love and someone interesting to chat to. 

The event is on from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th May, 10.00am to 5.00pm each day. Many venues are also holding preview evenings on the Friday night. Look on our website or in the brochure for details of each one. 


If you haven't managed to get hold of a brochure yet, try your local library or other Derbyshire County Council premises, local cafes and restaurants, galleries, tourist venues and many other places. 


Our website is brilliant for seeing extra information about each artist, and up to six images of their work. You can even use it to plan your own artists' trail with map and driving details. 

Creating your own trail

  1. On every page of the website, you will see a 'Sign Up' button at the top. Click on this, and sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account, or your email address. (We won't use your details for anything else.)
  2. Browse through the artists. When you find one you love, click the 'Save to your favourites' button. You can see all your favourites by clicking on the 'My Favourites' button at the top of every page.
  3. Click on 'My Trails'. On this page you can set your start and finish points, and select or deselect each artist you want on that particular trail. You can even choose driving, walking or bicycling. Click 'Create Trail'. The map and navigation can be used in Google maps. 

Social media

If you have an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account you can follow us and see all the information about the artists and towns/villages that we are posting in the run-up to the event.

Click here to visit the Derbyshire Open Arts website.

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