LEADD:NG Interactive Installations: Online Event

LEADD:NG Interactive Installations: Online Event
The team over at LEADD:NG have a few remaining places available for their Interactive Installations - Sound, Lights & Movement online event, with the first session taking place on Thursday 20th January 2022.
LEADD:NG (Live, Experiential and Digital Diversification: Nottingham) would like to invite enthusiastic local artists and markers to join them in this fantastic opportunity to learn and experiment, across three online sessions. 
It is recommended that you attend all 3 sessions, and the details on how to book are linked below:
What is LEADD:NG Interactive Installations all about?
This event will allow participants to design interactive displays & installations that encourage audiences to play, experiment and immerse themselves in products & performances.
During three sequential Focus sessions, the LEADD:NG experts will deliver a crash-course in interactive light, sound and movement technologies, help you generate ideas for your own interactive experience, and then work with you to hone these ideas into workable and cost-effective concepts.
The key essential technical aspects that will be covered include:
  • Hardware/software platforms like Arduino, Bare Conductive, Raspberry Pi and Bela
  • Capabilities and limitations of input sensors for touch, voice and movement
  • Interactive outputs and actuators including sound, light, graphics and servo motors
  • Wireless communication between components of interactive installations
  • Preparing interactive installations for remote audiences
Technical considerations will be situated against real-world examples of innovative, successful installations.
The session then move to an ideation dialogue, exploring ideas for installations that can appeal to your customers and audiences. The team will support you to create initial sketches of concepts, including identifying the most appropriate hardware and software platform, inputs, outputs and materials. They will help you develop these sketches into detailed designs for installations.
Please note this is an online event held via MS Teams and joining instructions will be emailed prior to the event.
Not enrolled on the LEADD:NG programme yet? Please register for the event and you will be sent an enrolment form that must be completed before attending the sessions.
If you have any questions about the event or the programme, please contact leaddng@nottingham.ac.uk or visit their website here.
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