Derbyshire Lives Through the First World War
Derbyshire Record Office, County Hall, Matlock, DE4 3AG


Derbyshire Record Office is part of Derbyshire County Council, Department of Economy, Transport and Communities. Derbyshire Lives through The First World War is a project to support local communities to commemorate their experiences of the first world war. The project is supported by the Council with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The programme will run to January 2017.

Derbyshire Record Office requires an experienced freelance museum professional to develop, deliver and launch a travelling exhibition and contribute to web content through the final stages of the project.

This document is laid out in two parts:
Section 1: Background Information to Derbyshire Lives through the first world war
Section 2: The project brief

SECTION 1:     Background Information on Derbyshire Lives through the First World War
1.    Introduction
Derbyshire Record Office provides the archives and local studies service to the people of Derbyshire and acquires and preserves archives of its people, businesses and communities.
The Heritage Lottery Funded project, Derbyshire Lives through the first world war, began in early 2014.  During the first two years, project has supported 50 local communities to commemorate their first world war heritage. This has taken the form of providing advice and guidance to community groups, delivering training and preserving the heritage of the first world war.
The final element will be a travelling exhibition which, with a website, will form a lasting resource and will provide a mechanism to capture and retain the community heritage of the first world war, and the ways in which local communities have already commemorated the conflict.  Some preparatory work has been undertaken to develop the exhibition.
The content for the website will be created by a member of Record Office staff, with some input from the successful tenderer.  Website design will be procured separately.

2.    Aims
Derbyshire Lives through the First World War will:
•    Develop and deliver a travelling exhibition programme comprising a series of pull up banners
•    Create a programme and publicity for the exhibition
•    Produce online resources for local community groups, particularly in the form of an interactive first world war timeline
•    Organise an event to launch the exhibition and website


1.    Key Deliverables of the Derbyshire Lives through the First World War Project:
¬    Review the existing design and text for the exhibition
¬    Commission and oversee the design and production of a pull up banner exhibition
¬    Finalise the text and images for the banners
¬    Organise a programme for the exhibition to travel around venues in Derby and Derbyshire
¬    Plan the logistics of moving exhibitions between venues
¬    Market and promote the exhibition, including printed publicity
¬    Organise a launch event for the exhibition to be held in November 2016
¬    Develop tools to evaluate the exhibition
¬    Support the website content manager to produce online resources for local community groups including guidance and an interactive first world war timeline
¬    Assist to deliver best value for the project
¬    Participate in the project evaluation
¬    Provide reports to the HLF and other organisations

2.    Submission of Proposal
Expressions of interest are invited from individuals with a background in museums exhibitions and social history archives in which you:
¬    Introduce yourself, detailing your museums exhibitions experience, your experience of researching and engaging audiences through travelling exhibitions
¬    Provide examples of recent relevant projects that you have produced within the last three years, together with digital links to these projects, if possible
¬    Detail exactly what you are able to offer for the budget available (see Section 4). Part of the best value assessment will include an analysis of the number of days offered for this fee. Please detail the anticipated number of days that you will work on this project.  All prices should include travel and subsistence.

3.    Timescale
The project is ongoing, with completion scheduled for January 2017. Key milestone dates include:
September 2016
•    consultant recruited
•    work to date reviewed
•    quotes from designer agreed and production dates established
•    text and images for exhibition with designer
•    website content developed
October 2016
•    Exhibition delivered from designer
•    Venues finalised
•    Flier for exhibition programme sent to designer
•    Launch event organised
November 2016
•    Flier distributed
•    Exhibition launched
•    Website content completed
December 2016 – January 2017
•    Evaluation
•    Reports

4.    Fees
An indicative budget for this element of the project is £12,500 to deliver the project over a maximum of 5 months. The successful tenderer will be expected to show how they will divide their time and allow time for the periods of busier activity, to be discussed and agreed. The fee will be payable in three parts on receipt of an invoice: one on award of contract, one half way through, and the final being on successful completion.

5.    Criteria

The following criteria will be used when assessing tenders. It is strongly suggested that your tender submission clearly addresses each of the criteria above.

•    Relevant experience (80%)                                                                     
Scoring will be based on details of work on similar projects.

•    Overall Value for Money (20%)                                                                                                             This will include an assessment of the quality of the submission against the tender price submitted.

Tenders will be scored out of 100

6.    Location
Office facilities are available at Derbyshire Record Office, when required.  Some travel may be required in order to participate in a minimum of five key meetings, and to visit potential exhibition venues and meet with the exhibition designer.

7.    Equipment
The successful applicant will be expected to provide their own equipment.

8.    IPR
The project will be subject to the HLF’s standard terms of grant and in particular you will agree that:
•    IPR in all reports and digital resources created for the project is assigned to Derbyshire County Council;
•    Software tools used for creation of the digital resources must allow Derbyshire County Council to licences the digital outputs under the Creative Commons model licence Attribution Non-Commercial;
•    Digital resources created for this project cannot be used for commercial purposes without the HLF’s prior written consent.

9.    Reporting
The successful organisation will report to the Archives and Local Studies Manager.  Communication will be person to person, by phone, and e-mail.

10.        Insurance
Please self-certify whether you already have, or can commit to obtain, prior to the commencement of the contract, the levels of insurance cover indicated below:
Employer’s (Compulsory) Liability Insurance = £5 million
Public Liability Insurance = £5 million
Professional Indemnity Insurance = £2 million
* It is a legal requirement that all companies hold Employer’s (Compulsory) Liability Insurance of £5 million as a minimum.
Please note this requirement is not applicable to Sole Traders.

11.    Questions
Questions related to this tender should be sent to Sarah Chubb, Archives and Local Studies Manager by e-mail at by 5pm on Wednesday 3 August 2016.

12.    Appointment
Deadline for submission: noon on Friday 12 August 2016
Return by e-mail to Attachments should not exceed 5MB
The contract will be awarded to the candidate that we feel is most suitable for the delivery of the work and delivers best value for money
The successful candidate will be notified by 26 August 2016.
The contract will commence on 30 August 2016.

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