Inject Olympic know-how into your business

Inject Olympic know-how into your business

Imagine the difference it would make to your business if you could recruit a team of high performance experts to boost happiness, wellness, productivity and resilience.

That’s what Derbyshire Institute of Sport is offering as part of its new Thrive programme - an EXTRA package of benefits launching this month (Monday 23rd November.) for current and new business sponsors.

DIS is a Community Interest Company on a mission to develop, inspire and support champions. Since 2012 it has helped many talented young athletes to become world-class. It receives no Government funding and relies on business sponsors to keep the cost of its support services as low as possible for athletes who already face high costs and sacrifices to pursue their dreams.

Managing director Chloe Maudsley, said: “We have been looking closely in recent weeks into how we can better support our community and help protect and improve people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. We’ve now put together Thrive, a package that gives all our sponsors access to our team of experts and coaches. They have supported elite athletes and professional sports stars to become world class and now they can lend their support to our business sponsors to help them boost workplace wellness.”

Key benefits include:
- Access to an online, weekly group exercise session.
- Access to a monthly ‘lunch and learn’ online health and wellbeing workshop.
- Online physiotherapy screenings and nutrition consultations.
- Discounts on team development days.

Chloe added: “These new benefits are on top of the existing promotional benefits of being a DIS supporter.”

UK Government guidelines say that adults should aim for 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Yet, an estimated 11 million people in England (that’s 24.6% of adults) are doing LESS than an average 30 minutes activity a week. A study in the Lancet found that spending eight hours a day sat at a desk increases the chance of early death from diseases such as cancer and heart disease by 60%. Regular, moderate exercise reduces that risk. It also boosts mood levels and, along with healthy eating and lifestyle choices, it can help you enjoy improved sleep and reduced anxiety levels.

Head of Athlete Development at DIS, Laura Wake, who is a former Commonwealth Games athlete, said: “If your staff members are working in various locations, some from home, it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated. Coming together online for an exercise session can build relationships and improve everyone’s mood, as well as their health, leading to a more optimistic view of life. If you have people coming back from furlough, some team activity online can help them feel part of the team again.”

During the first UK lockdown, a Sport England survey found that an average of 63% of respondents said exercise and physical activity had been an effective way of helping them manage their mental health, as well as benefiting their general health.

One of the current DIS sponsors is Ilkeston-based logistics firm Lobina Transport. Managing Director Luigi Lobina said: “Being a sponsor has given us some great stories to tell online and we’ve had some energising and exciting team-building experiences in the office thanks to DIS athletes and coaches.”

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