How to Become a Poker Millionaire at The Buxton Fringe

Lucille Cailly is a 33 year old French professional poker star (retired). She has been wanted by the police, a coke addict and a millionaire at the age of 30.

In How to Become a Poker Millionaire (And Still Be a Loser) she tells her story.

This fast-paced, multi-media stand-up show takes the audience from Lucille's upbringing in Normandy with a parents whose idea of discipline would have impressed the Gestapo… all the way to her poker triumph in Monte Carlo where she became that rarest of things: a French poker superstar (with a vagina)… and on to her enthusiastic consumption of cocaine that in the course of a mere three years blew that million (don't worry she also bought a flat). Along the way you will go behind the scenes of the poker world, discover the tricks of the pro players and maybe even learn a bit of French.

Lucille achieved huge press coverage in the UK and France for her million Euros poker win. The full story has yet to be told and is likely to excite press interest both here and in her native France where she is a poker celebrity. Lucille has been performing stand-up for a year and was an actress in France. The show is directed and script-edited by Chris Head who has numerous Edinburgh credits and is produced by Geoff Whiting of Mirth Control.

 At the Underground venues / Buxton Fringe (The Square, Buxton SK17 6BD / 020 8144 0700)

Sun 10th July, 7:00PM

Mon 11th July, 7:00PM

Tue 12th July, 8:30PM

1 hour show

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