Hollywood glitz and glamour comes to Kedleston Hall

“The scotch has run dry, and so has my caseload. The crime rate of this city is through the roof, but no one has walked through my door. Something stinks. The rich get richer; the poor get screwed. As with everything, it all starts and ends with money. So tonight I’m going where the cats get their groove on, the jazz is loud, the dames friendly; where the liquor runs free, but it all leaves a bitter aftertaste.”

Fans of the film noir genre will be gripped this Valentine’s Day with The Lost Boys latest production: Kedleston Noir. Expect all the classic noir tropes; gritty detectives, femme fatales, inner monologues, not to mention guns, dames and whiskey to boot.

In this interactive event, Kedleston Hall will become the luxury Los Angeles nightclub of Vincent Vanderbilt (Broesmith), a man with a reputation as big as his bank balance. He is hosting the society party of the season and has an announcement to make to his guests, but what’s the big news?

Lost Boys Ben Adwick and Paul Broesmith are joined by local actress Laura Mae Mellor (The Dinosaur who came for Christmas, The Creation of Frankenstein, Swan Canaries) between them, they play a host of shady characters, straight from the pages of a Raymond Chandler novel. Each with their own mysterious agenda and reason for being under the Vanderbilt chandeliers on this fateful night.

As the guests enjoy a three-course meal, from the superb catering team at Kedleston Hall, they’ll join Private Investigator, Jack Houston (Adwick) as he tries to unravel the typically convoluted plot including blackmail, corruption and intrigue. The performance will also include live jazz vocals from up and coming Hollywood starlet, Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Velvet (Mellor) as she sings in Vanderbilt’s club.

This production sees The Lost Boys return to their typical madcap and irreverent style, turning conventions on their heads and finding the comedy even in the darkest of genres. This is an original script, straight from their brains to the page, but don’t expect them to stick to it for a minute. This show will be peppered with ad-libs and audience interaction, sure to have the audience in stitches and demonstrating their love of all things film.

The Lost Boys have always put value in taking performance out of traditional theatres and into spaces where more people can access it, this year will see them perform in various National Trust properties, pubs, parks and city-centre spaces; ensuring that live entertainment is still accessible throughout 2019. This will be the Lost Boys busiest year to date, with no fewer than five brand new shows to write and perform plus the return of some favourites including Feast of Thrones and A Christmas Carol.
Kedleston Noir will be performed Thursday 14 and Friday 15 February, 7pm at Kedleston Hall. Tickets are £65 and include welcome drinks and a three-course meal.
Tickets for the show are available through Derby LIVE Sales and Information Centre, by phone on 01332 255800 or online at www.derbylive.co.uk.
You can follow The Lost Boys at www.thelostboys.org.uk or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @lostboysevents


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