High Peak CVS New Membership Application

After months of hard work, I’m delighted that High Peak CVS are able to launch our brand new Membership Packages to Individuals, Groups and Organisations across the High Peak.

As many of you will know, we are a charitable Membership Organisation whose primary focus is to support the local community and groups in delivering support and services to those that need it the most. The last 12 months have only emphasised what an incredible community we have and at High Peak CVS we want to be able to support you, your volunteers, staff and service users in any way we can. The aim of our Membership offer is to enable us to not only support you directly but to be able to understand our community and be YOUR voice in facilitating change and identifying gaps.

Whether it’s advice and guidance, training, committee set up, funding or any other way we can help you, I hope this new package will meet the needs of all of our members and we are always keen to hear from you if we can offer anything more.

As you will see, we are offering two levels of Membership that we believe ensures that no one is excluded and can receive the support required for their particular organisation.

For more information our Membership Brochure can be found here: https://bit.ly/2KO4KKE

To apply for Membership please complete the following form: https://bit.ly/3pmWEI4

If you require a paper copy of the application please email hello@highpeakcvs.org.uk and we will get this sent out to you.

If you are already a member please do still complete the form as we would like to ensure we have up to date and appropriate details for you all.

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