Glossop Bookfest: cancellation

It is with great regret that the organisers have been forced to cancel the Bookfest scheduled for Saturday 6th July. There has been illness, but more seriously there has been a bereavement, and the principal organiser is therefore unable to continue with the considerable work required in setting up and directing the occasion. I'd have liked to run the show anyway, but I can't do it single-handedly.


Some of you have been generous enough to give prizes for the intended raffle. Please contact me and I will ensure that these donations are returned as soon as possible.


Others have given me custody of books that they intended for sale at the Bookfest. Once again, I shall return these to you as soon as opportunity arises.


I believe that all those individuals and organisations scheduled to run workshops at the event have been informed, but if you know of anyone whom we might have overlooked, please pass this message on to them. Local libraries and bookshops have also been informed.


I can only apologise for the cancellation, but these are circumstances beyond anyone's control. We hope we'll be able to run the Bookfest at some future date. In the meantime, the one bit of good news is that we'll still run the open mic evening at The Oakwood on Wednesday 3rd July (Wednesday coming, that is) and I'll be delighted to welcome anyone able to attend.


With best wishes,


Mark P. Henderson

   Writer, editor, folktale collector, storyteller.

   Secretary, "Write from the Heart".

tel.: 07397 164551

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