Glossop Book Fest Launches Monthly Newsletter

Glossop Book Fest Launches Monthly Newsletter

Glossop Book Fest has started a monthly newsletter to promote authors, illustrators, bookshops, writing groups and anything book related. We would also welcome online events, workshops and activities. The newsletter will be sent out to our mailing list and posted on our social media pages for people to share.

December Newsletter 2020:

Mark Henderson
Do you like Folktales? Our film recordings of traditional folktales from the south-west of the Peak District, all told in situ, can be viewed (free of charge!) at Another seven stories from the area have been audio-recorded but we haven't been able to complete the filming for the usual pandemic reasons. We'll do it as soon as possible when the restrictions end.

I'm tutor for Chapel Arts Creative Writers - I'm secretary of Glossop's group, Write from the Heart, and a member of Mossley Writers. I'm delighted that others who're better than me at running things are in charge! Membership of writing groups is a great stimulus. As we all know, writing is a solitary occupation but we're a
social species, and there's nothing like sharing some of your work (and reading/hearing other people's) to give you the boost you otherwise lack.

The novella published by FBP during the summer, The Cat of Doom, is "a surreal apocalyptic fantasy with poetical and musical interludes". Someone might have fun with the songs. I can write the words and the tunes, but since my singing voice resembles that of a laryngitic corncrake I can't perform the results. I'd love someone else to do so...

The historical novel (second draft complete and about to be sent to Jane Whittle, Professor of history at Exeter, for demolition) is called Black Harry, and it tells the story of Glossopdale's 16th century hero, Harry Botham, of whom no one except for a few specialist historians has ever heard. He was a tenant farmer who managed to prevent the landlord, the earl of Shrewsbury, from raising the rents to an impossible level - and he did so by walking to London with his friends and protesting to Elizabeth's Privy Council five times between 1579 and 1582. He won. Amazing man. His story has to be told.

Nigel James Wilson

Nigel James Wilson author of "Stories for all the Children of all the Worlds" was born in Sheffield – the City of Steel – on May the 20th 1966. From a very young age he was working in his father’s bicycle shop building wheels by hand amongst a myriad of other jobs, six days a week. Later serving an apprenticeship in the shop’s cellar and workshop building hand built bespoke steel cycle frames with the master frame builder himself, Nigel’s father, Mr. J.F. Wilson.

The book is for all ages, as the 6 stories will mean something different to you throughout your life.

Nicola Worswick - Children’s book author and illustrator

I first started writing and illustrating my children's book series when I was 13 then revisited them in my 30s.

The first 4 stories follow the big bad pirate Captain Cuthbert and his long suffering cat, Scat the cat, whom I guarantee you will fall in love with. Captain Cuthbert on the other hand is bossy, greedy and selfish and always lands himself in trouble. You will also find a Christmas story on my author page that is unlike any other Christmas story! My other books include Scat the cat, The Visitor and Lord Uppity. The Visitor is my favourite. You will find my books on my author page there is also a trailer to each book.

Author page

My illustrations are available on a variety of gifts and products via my Redbbuble shop. You will find a range of unique gifts in a variety of styles. My illustrations include TV, film, music, environmental, nature, wellbeing, cats and humour.

Redbubble shop

Gwyneth Jane Page

I have written and published eight kid's books to date.  My daughter Megan is the illustrator of the PJ Mouse series. PJ Mouse is an adorable little stuffed animal who travels the world, always getting into scrapes, and then sharing his misadventures with Fuzzy, the very grumpy cat back home.  My other books have been illustrated
by my daughter, Emily.  There are two rhyming picture books about friendship. The last book published is about a caffeinated squirrel and was written purely for amusement.

Emily and I moved to the UK from Australia the day before lockdown (in March) and we are looking forward to being part of the wonderful world of literature that the UK upholds once things get back to normal. 

My websites are

Shaun Baines

My name is Shaun Baines and I am the author of the Holly Fleet Cosy Mystery series. My books are set in the wilds of Northumberland in the fictional village of Little Belton; a place which is much more than it seems.

The first book in the series is Black Rock Manor and it follows amateur sleuth Holly Fleet as she searches for a missing person who might hold the key to Little Belton's salvation. The second book is called Juniper Falls. Holly Fleet attempts to catch the thief of a mysterious cabinet built by a famous occultist. My third book is due to be released in January 2021. In Hadaway Farm, Holly attempts to prove a fortune teller is a fraud after she predicts the death of a Little Belton resident.

Reviews of the Holly Fleet Cosy Mystery series.
"Plenty of plot twists with intriguing characters."
"It was fascinating to follow the twists and turns of the plot."
"I definitely recommend this book to everyone."

You can find my books at

Or you can visit to sign up to my newsletter where you will receive two free Holly Fleet short mysteries, the opening chapters of Black Rock Manor, plus news of updates, discounts and much more.

The Trail, James Ellson

Local man James Ellson was a police officer for 15 years, starting in London and finishing at Moss Side in Manchester. When he left the police he started writing, and has been writing ever since.

Currently, he’s working on the sequel to The Trail. He gives talks at writing groups and festivals. He lives on a smallholding, and keeps chickens and bees. The Trail is his debut novel: A missing person enquiry leads Manchester DCI Rick Castle to Nepal.
"A pacy and intelligent thriller." (Paula Hawkins)
"A stunning debut from an exciting new addition to the world of crime fiction." (Stephen Booth)

The Trail is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. A Christmas gift package is available direct from the author signed copy of book, bookmarks,postcards from the author’s smallholding. Price £15 including delivery.

Rebekah Bowman

Photographic and illustrated book cover design, ranging from horror to romance to self help books. Bean Designs can help with all your Ebooks and Paperback cover needs.

Andrew Dutton

Andrew Dutton has been writing since the early 2000s and has previously published ‘A Mirror’, an e-book of short stories.

His work often explores the lives of those at ‘the bottom of the pile’ reflecting years of work with people on low incomes and in serious debt. Born in Newcastle, Staffs, he now lives in Derbyshire and draws inspiration from the night sky, cats, music and walks with his partner and their beloved Labrador.
At the age of 57, I’m late to the party but at last I have a book coming out.

Website -


Our monthly newsletter promote authors, illustrators, bookshops, writing groups and anything book related. We would also welcome online events, workshops and activities. The newsletter will be sent out on our mailing list and posted on our social media pages for people to share.

To be considered for the newsletter please send a short description this can include links and contact details.

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