Get involved! - a new county-wide festival for 2022-2023

You are invited…to get involved with a brand new long term project celebrating creativity and culture across Derbyshire.  The 52 WEEKS FESTIVAL will run from May 2022 – May 2023 and aims to bring the county together through:

  • Celebrating Derbyshire’s heritage and culture
  • Supporting individuals and organisations within Derbyshire to develop their activities and impact
  • Bringing new arts, culture and entertainment into Derbyshire
  • Inspiring people of all ages to take part
  • Bringing communities together
  • Improving individual well-being

There has been a broad consortium of organisations and individuals involved in the early stages of developing the concept, including representatives from local authorities and regional NPOs, community and grassroots organisations, historic buildings, tourist destinations, arts information services and more.  In January an Arts Council England Project Grant was secured to fund nine months of R&D activity to get the ball rolling.

The project’s first task is to develop a clear picture of existing arts and culture activity across all parts of Derbyshire.  As part of this effort we have created a simple online survey for individuals and organisations to complete. 

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey.  We are trying to cast the net as wide as possible, so please forward this email with the survey link to all of your relevant contacts within Derbyshire and ask them to fill it in.


Our vision is that the project will provide a real and lasting boost to artists and arts organisations working in Derbyshire, and it’s essential that we gather as strong a body of support as possible.  We had been planning some face-to-face events to spread the word, and are currently revisiting these plans to keep the momentum going within current restraints.

Please follow the 52 Weeks Festival pages on social media to keep up to date as plans develop, interact and share them with your own networks and get involved!  We’d love to hear any thoughts or input.




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