On Friday January the 4th 2019 Matlock Storytelling Cafe Present


Giles Abbott with 50 Shades of Grimm and East of the Sun, West of the Moon


We are kicking the new year off with an evening of stories from Giles Abbott who is one of the most fabulous tellers I've ever seen If you've never been to a storytelling club then I urge you to come down and experience a night of telling from one of the absolute best tellers around. If you've been before you probably already know what a great night to expect when Giles treats us to a banquet of romantic and sensuous stories to get you through the last weeks of Winter towards the longed-for Spring. For your first course it's "50 Shades Of Grimm". It's amazing what happens when you take a Grimm Brothers tale and simply imagine what might happen if the women characters were real. Sensual, gently erotic storytelling which, when performed at East Anglia Storytelling Festival drew comments such as;

‘Gave us the Goddess but, even more, gave us male desire which was reverent, not sleazy’ Alma, East Anglia Storytelling Festival

‘Giles did something I’ve never seen a storyteller do before because this was not bawdy or smutty but genuinely evoked two characters making love. Wonderful!’ Andy Jennings, East Anglia Storytelling Festival

Then for afters, “East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon” - a glorious, passionate fairytale from Norway. Well, would you give your daughter to a bear? What if he asked nicely? Come join a brave young woman on a mission to rescue her true love, encountering talking bears and exploding trolls.

Giles Abbott is known nationally and internationally for his poetic flair for language, commanding stage presence and a speaking voice which has been likened to everything from Black Velvet to melted chocolate (whatever that sounds like!)

Matlock Storytelling Cafe is a unique night out in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales. The candlelit tables foster a warm welcoming atmosphere. Soup, hot drinks and great cakes are available and you can bring your own booze, it is Friday night after all. Tickets are just £7


Doors open at 6.45 PM make sure you're sitting comfortably by 7.30 PM and we'll begin.

Oh and those doors are at the Imperial Rooms,

Imperial Road, Matlock, DE4 3NL


What better way could there be to start off the new year.

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