Folktale Evenings in Glossop

Do you like folktales? If you do there is a folktales evening happening in Glossop.


Traditional Peak District tales - and their counterparts in our culture and others

presented by Dr Kathryn Starnes and Dr Mark P. Henderson

at Howardtown Brewery

Thursday 21st April and Thursday 12th May

7.30-9.30 pm

Mark will tell the stories and Kathryn will talk about their wider significance


21st April: We’ll repeat our performance on 10th December 2021 because many of the 20 ticket-holders decided not to attend on account that evening of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Here’s another opportunity for those who missed out. We’ll look at four or five tales, some entirely local and some with far wider connections.

12th May: We’ll present a selection of the Peak District’s many traditional ghost stories … and it will be dark by the time we’ve finished …


Everyone Welcome!

(and the ale’s brilliant!)








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