14th May at St. Peter's Church, Belper

“Bob Fox has rightly occupied high office in the ranks of great North Easten singers”

                                                                                                                  John Tams

“I'm delighted to perform a remembrance / celebration concert for two good friends”

                                                                                                                     Bob Fox

           The lives of folk musicians Barry Coope and Mick Peat are celebrated in a concert by one of England's greatest singers, Bob Fox.

           “When I asked Bob if he'd perform a celebration concert for Mick and Barry he didn't hesitate,” said organiser George Gunby. “He has a connection to the area through John Tams.”

           Bob Fox began his collaborations with John Tams when he was involved in the Radio Ballads project (2006). In the same year Bob's finest album, 'The Blast', was produced by John Tams. A meeting with Tams after a concert at the Spanker Inn, Nether Heage resulted in John suggesting Bob woud be ideal as 'Songman' in the National Theatre's 'WarHorse'. As one of the original creative team and having been the original 'Songman', Tams made a very persuasive case and three months later Bob was rehearsing in London. Bob Fox played the role for three years in the West End and toured around the UK, Ireland and South Africa for a further three.

           Bob Fox began his professional singing career in 1975, five years after he began performing at the Davylamp Folk Club in Washington. His early career involved partnerships with Tom McConville and Stu Luckley as well as solo concerts around the UK.

           In 2000, Bob celebrated twenty five years singing folk songs professionally. One year later he toured the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This was followed by nominations as Best Folk Singer in the BBC Folk Music Awards.

           It was at this time that Bob began his partnership with former Lindisfarne front man Billy Mitchell. The duo are hugely popular and continue to gig to this day.

           Over his career Bob Fox has recorded fourteen albums including four solo sets.

           BOB FOX IN CONCERT takes place on 14 May at St. Peter's Church, Belper.

Performance 7:30pm  Doors Open 6:30pm  Ticket £12 from   

Derby Live, Riverside Chambers, Derby  and St. Peter's Church, Chesterfield Rd., Belper.

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