Eyam Plague 350th Commemoration Book - just released

A new book has been produced to commemorate the end of the plague at Eyam 350 years ago, published by St Lawrence Church, Eyam.
We are now one month on from the last plague death in Eyam 350 years ago and the village is recovering from the trauma of losing one-third of its population.

This commemorative booklet brings together the story of the plague in Eyam from 350 years ago, right up to date with new scientific discoveries, creating real relevance today. It furthers our knowledge of the events of the years 1665 to 1666, and the events that have taken place in 2015 and 2016 as we commemorate the brave actions of the people of Eyam.

The work Eyam Village puts into honouring the bravery and faith of the people in 1665/6 pays tribute to the strong themes of self sacrifice and redemption which still hold true today. This book is a real testament to those people then, and the human spirit now, as we draw on that same faith and apply it to our modern world.


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