Eyam 350th Plague Commemoration: Oldham Theatre Workshop presents ‐  Eyam

Eyam 350th Plague Commemoration: Oldham Theatre Workshop presents ‐  Eyam

A True Story of Sacrifice and Heroism  

Book by Sarah Nelson, Music by James Atherton    

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September in Eyam Church    

The true story of a Derbyshire village that was hit by the plague in the autumn  of 1665. The new rector William Mompesson along with non‐conformist  minister Thomas Stanley persuaded the villagers to stay cut off from the world  in order to stop the plague spreading throughout the county, and over the next  14 months 260 of the over 700‐strong community died. Within this story of  sacrifice and heroism we see how the self‐imposed isolation affected the  community’s individuals. Despite the enormity of the tragedy, this is a lifeaffirming and still relevant drama, set to powerful music.  

Eyam was made the subject of a BBC One documentary Greater Love Hath No  Man, which was screened on Good Friday 2006 and won the prestigious  Premier Award from the Sandford St Martin Trust.   

For all information regarding this production including ticketing and running times please contact  Oldham Theatre Workshop on :‐  T: 01617703240  E: otw@oldham.gov.uk  W: oldhamtheatreworkshop.co.uk

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