Eyam 350th Plague Commemoration: The Roses of Eyam Promenade Play

Eyam 350th Plague Commemoration: The Roses of Eyam Promenade Play

16th‐20th June 2015 7pm 

The Roses of Eyam Promenade Play uses the real life location to tell the story  of the village that lost a third of its population to the plague. 

The play begins with the fateful arrival in Eyam  of a horse and trap laden with  “nowt but the latest fashions” but in fact infested with fleas carrying the  deadly plague and charts 13 months of isolation, self sacrifice and heartbreak  among the villagers. 

Thomas Stanley, the evicted former rector, made an unlikely alliance with  William Mompesson, the incomer who had taken his living, to persuade the  residents to stay rather than run away and spread the plague. Despite all the  despair and doubts they suffered, they were convinced in the end that they  had done the right thing. 

This promenade play, adapted from the Don Taylor play, uses the actual  cottages where villagers lived and died and the village street where tragic and  sometimes comic events took place. The result is a powerful piece of theatre  which cannot fail to evoke an emotional and affecting response.  

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