EPICTRONIC presents: Autómata

French post-rock discovery Autómata have signed a deal with Epictronic for their self-titled album "Autómata", which is due for release on April 1st, 2022.

Band statement:
We are thrilled to announce we've signed a deal with Epictronic! Post-rock, post-pop, post-progressive, post-metal, post something and pre any other thing: our first eponym album is dedicated to post-humans pre-disposed to embrace a chiaroscuro instrumental music that delivers a flammable cocktail of styles and emotions.

Cover & Tracklist


1. Tanger
2. Church
3. 3X3+5
4. Verdik
5. Automate


"Church" Audiostream Video



Autómata is a french quartet from Paris, born in 2019. It delivers dark instrumental rock, blending genres like post-rock, progressive, metal, shoegaze and pop. Their musical universe is cinegenic and could be post-apocalyptic although resilient; anyway, instrumental music is precious for one reason : anyone can interpret it as he wants. So let your spirit float while listening to these five songs, and do your own experience of Autómata !


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