Did you know about Derbyshire Day?

Did you know about Derbyshire Day?

Get ready to celebrate Derbyshire Day on the 22nd of September 2022! Derbyshire Day recognises all the things that make our county special. It was first started in 2006 when, due to the absence of a specific date for when Derbyshire was made a county, a public vote on Radio Derby was in favour of the day to be September the 22nd, referencing the launch date of the Derbyshire flag. Other potential dates included the 28th of July (when Derby was given city status) and the 12th of May (Derbyshire resident Florence Nightingale’s birthday). Since then, Derbyshire Day has maintained a relatively low profile, but we want that to change!


Are you getting involved?


Whether it’s putting up a flag, supporting a local business or simply going for a walk in our beautiful countryside, there are plenty of things that you can do to mark the occasion. If you need some inspiration, last year Derby Cathedral flew the Derbyshire flag and Chatsworth House was lit up green.


If you would like to download the Derbyshire flag, you can do so here:



Or, you could buy a flag here:





Whatever you decide to do, get involved on social media platforms using #derbyshireday22, or get in contact with BBC Radio Derby for a chance to be featured. To do so, email Rachael.gilchrist@bbc.co.uk and  Tanvir.akram@bbc.co.uk

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