Derbyshire Peak Oddfellows - Always Room for more Friendship

Derbyshire Peak Oddfellows - Always Room for more Friendship

Off the back of the government’s recent roadmap announcement, Derbyshire Peak Oddfellows are putting plans in place to re-start their face-to-face social events. While many of the group’s members can’t wait to get out again and re-connect, there are some who feel that their confidence and mental health have been knocked for six this past year.

The group have been in regular touch with the Derbyshire Peak branch local members throughout the pandemic. Sadly, some have lost someone close, and the majority have felt the daily struggle of staying at home to keep themselves and others safe.

As social restrictions ease and there are routes back to a more normal way of life, they know that many people’s normal will be very different to the one they once knew. So much time has passed and the group appreciates that it might feel incredibly daunting to step out and socialise again.

Derbyshire Peak Oddfellows are going to be there for all their members to help them re-adjust at their own pace. But if anyone else feels that they too are in need of some gentle, friendly support or encouragement, then there's always room for more within the friendship group.

The group will be looking to safely restart their outdoor events from Mid-April earliest and indoor ones from Mid-May. They also have lots of online events that are free and open to the public to enjoy right now. They've been told that they’ve been a lifeline during the pandemic.

There are also monthly online open days where you can find out more about Derbyshire Peak Oddfellows. The next few dates are:

  • Thursday 25 March at 7pm
  • Wednesday 28 April at 2pm and
  • Thursday 27 May at 7pm.

Details to register available at:

If you’d like to be kept in the loop of group activities and receive a listing of events, please contact the social event organiser on 01246 273076 or email Everyone’s welcome.

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