Derbyshire author launches new children's book

Allison Pennington grew up in the Derbyshire countryside and after spending some wander years experiencing the world, returned home where she has based herself ever since. She has written stories and poetry for children since her her early teens, which often include glimpses of her own childhood immersed in nature, humour and commentary on the quirkiness of life as seen through a child's eyes. She resides in a Derbyshire village with her husband, two gorgeous teenagers  and an over friendly labrador.

Her recent book " The Very Odd Sock" solves that age old mystery of where odd socks go to and why in every household there is always a little pile of single socks with no match in sight . Written in rhyming couplets, with beautiful illustrations, Mr Sock goes off on the adventure of his life until he  finally meets his match and true love. Follow him on his journey in this short book which is ideal for children of all ages.

" The Very Odd Sock" can be purchased in paperback and kindle format from

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