Derby Conference Centre go green with new electric car charging points

Derby Conference Centre go green with new electric car charging points

Derby Conference Centre has invested in sustainable technology and is leading the way in being one of the few hotels in the Midlands to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

The centre now has 14 charging points installed, making them the hotel with the most EV charging facilities in the East Midlands. The business is hoping the charging points will incentivise those using the centre to think more carefully about their carbon footprint.

Derby Conference Centre is committed to being an environmentally-friendly business and this investment aims to help improve local air quality and encourage sustainable travel. Several staff members are already making use of the spaces and have invested in new electric and hybrid vehicles.

Mike Ebbitt is the Managing Director at Derby Conference Centre.

“It’s fantastic to be able to offer these facilities to staff members and visitors. As a business, we are passionate about being ‘green’ and anything we can do to help reduce our carbon footprint is a worthwhile investment. We hope that the new charging points will encourage people to be more environmentally conscious.”

The charging points have also been a hit with visitors. Tesla have chosen Derby Conference Centre as a roadshow venue, making use of the facilities to charge their supercars. With an increasing number of EV vehicles now available on the market, this makes charging an even greater priority when it comes to picking the right hotel and conferencing venue.

The decision further enhances their reputation as a ‘green’ hotel and conferencing venue, following the installation of a new secure cycle unit in 2015. The 15-space unit, along with the electric charging points has led the business to receive the ‘Silver Connect Derby Business Award for Small Employment Site’, promoting sustainable travel to employees.

With talk about diesel cars being damaging to the environment, the 14 new charging points position Derby Conference Centre as a leader in the business community and they hope it will prompt others to become as forward thinking and environmentally aware.

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