Derby College Student Supported By the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

A Derby College Music Technology student is due to feature on a BBC Lifeline television programme next week (Sunday November 8) – highlighting the support he has gained from the charity, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

Curtis May (18) from Swadlincote joined the Trust’s Get on Track programme two years ago to help him overcome the challenges that he faced at school and home.

The youngster is now a student at the College’s Joseph Wright Campus in Derby and continues to compose and perform his rap-style music.

Curtis said: “When I left school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I had a lot of anger problems and depression.

“I was bullied at school and had a lot of family problems at home.  My sister suggested that I join the Get on Track programme and it has been brilliant.

“After the eight week programme, I continued to receive a lot of help from my athlete mentor GB swimmer Ross Davenport and I am now able to focus positively on the opportunities that are available to me.

“I am really enjoying my course at the College and my goal is to become a professional musician and get my music into the charts. 

“I would also like to work with other young people to help them use music as an outlet for their experiences and feelings.”

Hannah Sheedy from the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust added: “Curtis has made excellent progress with the help of the Trust’s Get on Track programme which is why we asked him to share his story as part of our BBC Lifeline Appeal.

“It has been wonderful to see him in action at the College and hear his music which he writes from personal experiences.”

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust was set up in 2008 by the former Olympic champion.  The charity supports athletes as they transition from sport and harnesses their unique attitudes and capabilities to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people through a variety of mentoring programmes.

Since founded in 2008, the Trust has worked with more than 200,000 young people across the UK.

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