Derby College Group thanks the Quad for an emotional and uplifting film screening

Derby College Group thanks the Quad for an emotional and uplifting film screening

A large number of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students were invited to a special premier screening of a new award-winning film at the Quad Derby. Name Me Lawand focuses on Lawand Hamadamin (13), who travelled to Derby to find a new home in 2016.

The organisation DeafKidz International rescued Lawand, his mother Golbahar, father Rebwar, and his nine-year-old brother Rawa from a refugee camp in Dunkirk, but they had to fight to remain in the country and prevent deportation.

In the heartwarming film, Lawand, then aged 5, is seen as he strives to connect with those around him despite being completely deaf since birth. He makes the perilous trek from Iraq to Derby, the location of the Royal School for the Deaf, with his family.

And it shows Lawand's transformation from a silent person to one who speaks for other deaf people.

Jane Sandall, Lexus Mentor who the students commented “It was so kind of the Quad to invite the students to the private screening. After the film, we held a discussion session at the Quad with the students and they were touched by the story, and they spoke of how they could identify with Lawand’s story, as they have also had to leave their homeland.

“And they were also humbled to see Lawand at the Quad. Many lessons may be learned from Lawand's story, although it is occasionally tragic, the narrative of hardship, conflict, and challenge ultimately has a happy ending, with Lawand being helped to communicate and giving a strong message of the power of communication."

The film is being screened until July 20th.

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Left to right:
Soliyana Kidane Keleta (Eritrean)

Duua Elamian (Sudanese)

Tibian Yousef Mahmoud (Swedish)

Jowita Miksza (Polish)

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