Derby Businesses Join Giant Pass The Parcel Game For Local Charity

A Derby business which delivers parcels safe and sound to customers across the county and beyond have teamed up with a specialist local charity for a week of awareness and fund raising.

Derby Express Couriers will be inviting 50 business customers to join in a giant game of Pass the Parcel from Sunday May 12 which is National Children’s Awareness Day.

Each customer will unwrap a layer to reveal prizes and information about the charity Safe and Sound which specialises in grassroots work across the county to support and transform the lives of children and young people who are victims or at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Derby Pass The Parcel will be followed by a series of activities by Derby Express Couriers to raise funds for the charity including supervisor Antoni Jones competing in the June 9 Derby Half Marathon as part of Team Safe and Sound.

Susan Hill is a director with Derby Express Couriers – a family run business which is one of Derby’s largest transport companies.

She said: “We loved the idea of working closely with Safe and Sound to support the life-changing work that they do in the local communities where we and our customers operate.

“Derby Pass the Parcel combines our expertise in courier services, the relationship we have with the wider Derby business family and our commitment to supporting our local communities.

“Our staff are very excited to be supporting Safe and Sound and we hope that our customers will enjoy joining in with the game - learning more about the issue of CSE and helping this charity in their specialist work to transform the lives of children and young people targeted in this way.”

Safe and Sound chair Catherine Arkley explained that Child Sexual Exploitation (commonly referred to as CSE) was a form of child sexual abuse and took many different forms from rape and sexual assault to online grooming and encouraging children to share inappropriate images of themselves.

The key factor is that individuals or groups take advantage of young people by manipulating or deceiving them into sexual activity in exchange for something the victim needs or wants. This could range from money and alcohol to less tangible things such as the attention that they crave at a vulnerable time in their lives.

She continued: "Derby Pass the Parcel has been devised especially with Derby Express Couriers to share a serious message in a fun way.

“Support from Derby Express Couriers and their customers will greatly enhance our ability to expand the scope of our work with children and young people who are victims or at risk of CSE.

“I hope that this activity will help to raise awareness of our work in Derbyshire and encourage more local other businesses to support our work as well.”

For more information about how to support Safe and Sound, please visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter @safeandsoundgroup.

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