Comedy extravaganza at Buxton Fringe

Comedy has always been a strong category in the Fringe and this year is proving no exception with established names such as Max & Ivan, Alfie Moore and controversial magician/comedian Jerry Sadowitz joining a host of new names, many on route for Edinburgh.

A sense of adventure figures strongly. Abi Roberts brings her new stand up show Anglichanka, about living in the Soviet Union in the 1990s, whilst Cokey Falkow presents Black Sheep exploring living in South Africa, Los Angeles and now the UK whilst still being the black sheep in the family. Rob Coleman’s Ship of Fool focuses on one man’s obsession with crossing the Atlantic in a small boat, whilst in Soixante Mirth, Charmian Hughes talks about being 60, in what is her sixth solo show.

Max & Ivan, three-times Buxton Fringe Comedy Award winners, introduce the world to two never-before-seen characters: themselves, and Paolo Ferrari continues the self-examination theme in his show Who the F**k is Paolo Ferrari?! Jonny Pelham in Fool’s Paradise explains how he thought he was happy until he went to therapy, whilst Juliet Meyers explores traumas and unconditional love in The Flipping Dog Has Ruined My Life. Meanwhile George Zach tells how a catalogue of catastrophes, left him single, broke and homeless in Confessions of a Homeless Sex God.

Amadeus Martin talks about his fears for the future, in Sick My duck & Other Progress in Works, whilst Charles Adrian as Ms Samantha Mann addresses all your personal dilemmas in her show You Bring the Agony, I’ll bring the Aunt, as well as bringing her acclaimed show Ms Samantha Mann’s Stories about Love, Death and a Rabbit back to the Buxton Fringe.

Comedians’ career advice also features with Radio 4’s Alfie Moore drawing on his previous job as a detective sergeant in his new show Getting Away with Murder, Lucille Cailly explaining how to become a gambling superstar in her show How to Become a Poker Millionaire (And Still Be a Loser) and Chris Norton Walker focusing on the backstage story of his current job as a comedian in his show Something Funny on the Way Here.

Ben Van der Velde talks more generally about the human species with his show Barbarians, where he explores how every Eurasian man shares 8% of his DNA with Genghis Kahn, and Alex Kealy who describes himself as a land mammal presents his “ decidedly intellectual” debut show: Alex Kealy is an Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Popular Radio 4 star Mike Shephard brings his show Zazou! tackling history, politics and popular culture whilst Stuart Laws “can’t go into it now”, but his show The title of the Show is Too Long for the Brochure tackles the summer of 2001, puffins and timeshares. Harriet Kemsley, also an award- winning star brings her new show The Girl on the Wrong Train.

The Fringe likes to offer audiences a twist, with both Jerry Sadowitz and Hambledon Productions, adding a little magic to their comedy. Jerry with his show Comedian, Magician, Psychopath asks the question: “Why have cotton when you can have the full blow tissue?”, whilst Hambledon Productions celebrates the amazing Tommy Cooper in its show Just like that! The Tommy Cooper show. The Fringe adds a little music to its comedy with Crimes against Taste’s Tenor and Baritone, and puppeteer songwriter Paul Vickers’ show Twonkey’s Mumbo Jumbo Hotel, whilst Nick Hall brings something very different with his show Szgrabble! a one-man Cold War thriller.

The huge range of comedy continues with Fringe favourites To Be Continued… with their improvisational comedy show Absolute Improv! and CSzUK with Bang Bang - Improv Comedy for Grown Ups.

Hickory Dickory Murder by The Dead Secrets offers an improv show with a difference as the audience propels a thriller to its unbelievable conclusion, whilst Nathan Cassidy’s 42 also allows the audience to shape his show, by choosing the set list from 42 options.

The Fringe also boasts the best of sketch shows, with Beasts Comedy presenting Beasts and the Comedy Agency offering multimedia sketch shenanigans in The Late Night with Boabby Roaster. Finally the Fringe even offers completely silent comedy, as the Fringe Award-winning Kagools bring a combination of physical comedy and interactive film.

And if all that seems too much to choose from, Barrel of Laughs from Underground Venues and now in its 11th year, offers an electric mix of the best stand-up, sketch and character based-comedy. This event is normally a complete sell out, so early booking is advised!

The Fringe wishes to thank its sponsor The University of Derby as well as financial supporters The Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust and High Peak Borough Council, its Fringe Friends and the town’s many Fringe supporters and venues.

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