On Blank Pages by Luzinterrutpus has brightened the ways of expression

Last November, Luzinterrutpus took part in Gante’s Lichtfestival with their piece ‘Amid Blank Pages’, an adaptation of Life Linger On Blank Pages, which we carried out in Madrid during the LuzMadrid festival.
The same idea – a blank canvass – though this time in the shape of a house covered in thousands of bound lighted pages where people could express themselves freely creating a collage of anonymous intimate interventions carelessly swayed by the wind. This offered spectators a myriad of random compositions stemming from collective contributions.
We conceived a little house in its most basic form as we intended to attract attention in a gently manner and generate a welcoming comfortable vibe, a shelter where people could leave their personal secrets without hesitation.
This piece was open day and night and was visited by thousands of people of all ages. Their comments and drawings were illuminated at night.
The wind did its job and regaled us with soft gusts that shook the pages producing a nice sound of moving paper.
We want to thank the festival organizers, Sophie, Wouter and Kaat, for inviting us and helping us shape this piece. Jaagbaar’s technical team as they provided the best solutions and received us at their workshop to work on the assembly. Also the festival’s visitors who came in large numbers and filled the blank pages with their spontaneous contributions some of which were quite amusing. They maintained an exemplary behavior at all times.
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