A beautiful mess...Newsletter July 2019

More about the artist:


Louise has an unrestrained curiosity and delights in the freedom of abstraction. She is not constrained by institutionalised expectations or even market demands, she is happy to mix her approaches and play with all forms of visual expression. This inhibition will allow Louise to attempt all forms of the visual arts that she can access. 
In this exhibition, multiple layers of paint are laid down in confident gestural mark making which alternates with progressive scrapping back. Hidden strata are revealed in complex semiotics of intricately confounded colour and marks. Loosely knitted together yet intensely entwined Louise Jannetta’s abstracts evoke the complexities of the dispute between the human psyche and social conditioning and with beguiling empathy presents a visual exploration of the conflicts in life, the slippage, the cracks and the spills.

You can meet Louise on Saturday July 6th from 11am-3pm. 
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