Be part of a lottery heritage film!

Help The National Lottery – Heritage Fund demonstrate the breadth of heritage we fund by telling us what heritage means to you.

We're working on a compilation film to demonstrate the breadth of heritage we fund and we need your help. 

We want to hear from you about what your favourite heritage is, or what 'heritage' means to you.

It could be as broad or as specific as you like. It could be a place or an object; it could be a memory or an experience or even a connection you’ve made. 

How to get involved

If you'd like to take part, all you have to do is film yourself saying:

  • "My name is XXX from XXX and my favourite heritage is...", OR
  • "My name is XXX from XXX and to me heritage means..."

Try to keep it under 10-15 seconds. And feel free to get creative – film yourself in a heritage location or showing your favourite heritage item. You could answer individually or as a group.  

If recording on your phone, please ask the person filming to hold the phone sideways, so the video comes out in landscape orientation. 

Then simply email the video to us at: by 31 March 2022.

The technical bit

By sending us the video, you (and anyone else in your footage) agree to be featured in our film, which we’ll share in the new year across our website and social media channels. 

We look forward to hearing your interpretations of the magnificent diversity of the UK’s heritage. 

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