Ashgate Hospice Help by Derbyshire Artist

I am an award winning and published author, and I am offering my services to paint local business windows for free. My idea is to bring comfort with visual stories and something beautiful to look at. 

I am asking business/shop owners to contribute to the cost of materials (chalk pens/paint) I will donate time and skills for free. 

I am also asking for people that like the images (as they walk by, photograph/share) put forward donations to Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield who are putting out urgent appeals for financial assistance. 

Their Supportive Care Team is currently providing emotional support in group sessions at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, where some teams are dealing with a far higher number of patient deaths each day than usual. They are also looking at providing virtual support for care homes in the vicinity. I would like to thank them for this amazing job and help the community too. 

Karen Woods

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