Artcore artist opportunity- Re-Imagine the city residency

We welcome artists from different disciplines to apply to Re-Imagine the City Residency.

The residency aims to give the chance to explore issues that shape the city, working with local communities to map, re-imagine and influence the places where we live and work.

Deadline to apply: Midnight 24th of April

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Artcore invites emerging artists to apply to Re-imagine the City, a two months residency focusing on learning from the city and use of public space. The project aims to explore the issues that shape the city. The artists are called to work with local communities to map, re-imagine and influence the places where we live and work.

Moreover the residency aims to examine the way in which we   transform our surroundings to reflect the displacement of our dreams. Through the artwork produced by artists selected we will investigate the meaning of contemporary ‘utopia’, as an element which can provoke the social imagination by resonating with the themes of hope and desire.

This residency will critically play with ideas and practices of city planning, regeneration, gentrification and ‘place-making’ and will investigate two central themes:

Imagination – how artists in collaboration with local communities can re-imagine the city?

Action – how artists can generate projects that interrupt, activate and re-imagine the neighbourhood, using play, art and design processes in public space?

Re-imagine the City is  part of a long-term residency programme throughout  2018-2019 that will give 8 selected artists the opportunity to access free studio space where they can create their artworks. Artists will work in pairs so that opportunity for discussion, interaction is available rather than working in isolation. Each artist will be given a bursary and a mentor to work with, will have access to our library and wi-fi network, and participate as observer/facilitator in any of our art-based community activities if they so wish.

At the end of the Residency programme, an exhibition of their works will be held at Artcore. Local and national advertising and marketing support will also be provided. E-catalogues will be produced to support the exhibitions. Artcore will offer encouragement and support to selected artists by facilitating an Artist’s Blog for those artists interested in exploring this dynamic medium to take their art to the world.

Artcore is very well-situated, close to the City Centre, and easily accessible by public transport. During the course of the Residency, Artcore will hold Artists’ Talks, Interactions with Curators and Gallery persons, Art Film Screenings and so on as an initiative towards a proactive environment for contemporary art in Derby.

We will provide artists a stimulating platform and an ambience to continue their practice and encouraging them to build a research-based project that could develop into an exciting art initiative.

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