Art from Ruth Gray - Festive Plumbing, Exhibitions, and Shows

Art from Ruth Gray - Festive Plumbing, Exhibitions, and Shows

It is been a busy month I've had some amazing commissions and sales and I'm loving how my work has been framed by my client. It has really made me rethink my own framing choices.
As artists, we have to be neutral and cater to all tastes but the treatment of my Ilkeston piece pictured really impressed me.

I'm not sure about you but Christmas this year seems to have appeared from nowhere one-minute I'm thinking about Autumn leaves next, I'm panic buying gifts again!
At the moment I'm playing catch up with everything it's one of those forth bridge moments in our house as one thing gets fixed four other things break it is like we are not allowed to relax and enjoy the bits in between work! This year has seen every appliance in the kitchen pack up and now it is the plumbings turn. So not only has it been wet beyond belief outside but we've had our own mini downfalls inside and I've not managed to find anyone who will bother to fix it so I'm going to wrap a towel around it, put a bucket under it and tell you about my artwork!

Christmas Cards

Enhancing mantels this year could be the contents of my six-pack of boxed Christmas cards £11.50 for six different designs reply to this email if you want a pack either collect or I can post out to you at standard postage rates.

Cromford Studio and Gallery

The annual event now in its seventh year is my joint  December exhibition with Martin Sloman at his gallery in Cromford. This year I have painted some of the houses and halls of Derbyshire influenced by my work in heritage, I've spent some time this year working surveying the public at a few grand places and its allowed me time in between to really look at the architecture and settings of these wonderful buildings.
I hope you will join us on December 22nd between 10 - 5 pm, call in say hello and have a mince pie and last-minute gift shop in the lovely little gallery that Martin runs so well. The gallery is open Wed-Sun 10 -5 on the Market Place Cromford.



The fun that is Medley it gets better every year we work together, here's what you need to know, Its November 30 - December 8th 10 - 4 at weekends and 10 - 3 in the week, I'm not there Tues, Wed, or Thursday so if you want to avoid me those are the days to come but otherwise it would be a joy to see you!  

If you come to Medley in the first few days and say
'You're a cracker'
to me, you have the chance of winning an A4 print of your choice as I have 10 Christmas Crackers to pull and one of them will contain a voucher for one A4 print. First come first served!
Hope to see you there!

Another event in December is the Belpers Christmas Farmers Market Saturday, December 14th, 9-1 pm. Number 28.

Support your local galleries this Christmas

Duffield Gallery Belper
Hall of Frames Belper
Two Birds in Castle Donington 
Suki Gallery Tutbury
St Johns Street Gallery Ashbourne
Cromford Studio and Gallery 
Out Framed Ripley


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