Art from Ruth Gray

Art from Ruth Gray

Find out what Derbyshire artist, Ruth Gray, has been up to these last few weeks!

The Purple and Grey Art Group is back up and running every second Wednesday of the month except December, and the first one was nice as it allowed everyone time to sit chat, and paint after what seems to have been a long time!

Ruth, along with fellow artists, went along to paint the Aqueduct cottage now that it has been renovated. You may remember that she also helped paint some boards that would protect the window openings back in 2017.

Heres the pictures of the day:



Prints and cards along with the original will be at Ruth's annual Cromford Studio and Gallery Exhibition in December.

Ruth has continued to paint the High Peak Trail and here they are:






All of them are available, they are 20 x 50 cm and Ruth is really enjoying the slow journey down the incline! They are £2.50 each or £10 for 5. It's the first time Ruth has ordered any since 2019, some pandemic got in the way of that! Over recent weeks, Ruth has spent the mornings ordering more greeting cards.

If you would like a list of them, please email:


It is the season to be jolly, and stood behind a table full of stock, so please come and say hello at the various venues below!

  • 15th-17th October 2021: Medley Christmas Cromford Mills. Mill Rd, Cromford, Matlock DE4 3RQ
  • 23rd October 2021: Assemble- Museum of Making Painting demo.
  • 18th-21st November 2021: Haddon Hall Gatehouse Popup Shop-Medley
  • 25th-28th November 2021: Haddon Hall Gatehouse Popup Shop- Medley
  • 4th-19th December 2021: Medley Christmas - Gothic Warehouse Cromford Mills. Mill Rd, Cromford, Matlock DE4 3RQ
  • December 2021: Joint exhibition with Martin Sloman at Cromford Studio and Gallery.11 Market Pl, Cromford, Matlock DE4 3QE


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