1930s Fashion Exhibitions at Pickford's House

Looks Sew Good: Magazines and
Dressmaking Patterns from the 1930s

18 May - 7 September
Pickford's House

The 1930s was an era when Hollywood started to take over from the couturiers and high glamour was in. To acquire such a wardrobe, however, was well out of the reach of most, creating a gap in the market that was filled by home dressmaking. Ladies’ journals inspired women to deploy their sewing skills to emulate the styles they saw at the cinema and on showreels of society events.

This exhibition looks at some of the magazines and patterns from the Pickford’s House collection that encouraged women to transform what they saw into reality.

Featuring spectacular 1920s and 30s couture gowns from the fashion houses of Chanel, Worth, Hartnell and Vionnet, this represents the epitome of style from the golden age of glamour. 

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