“It’s Shakespeare, but not as you know it!”

Firm favourites Oddsocks Productions are back in town with an exciting new look at one of Shakespeare’s classics. Macbeth will take to the stage in Markeaton Park on 15th, 16th, 17th June with a hearty dosage of Oddsocks inimitable comedy.

Oddsocks Productions was set up 26 years ago by Andy Barrow and Elli Mackenzie and is a critically acclaimed nationally touring theatre company who take classic texts and create bold, challenging, innovative and interactive theatre to be enjoyed by everyone!

Whether it’s a live on-stage car chase (Romeo and Juliet, 2009) or the fairy-king as an avatar superhero (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2014) Oddsocks have no boundaries when it comes to creating memorable and unique comedy productions of the classics.

On the road during summer 2016 is a rock n’ roll production of Macbeth, which promises to be nothing short of Oddsocks’ usual mayhem and anarchy. Shakespeare’s story of ambition turned bad is brought hilariously to life alongside a soundtrack of classic songs. Oddsocks are passionate about performing Shakespeare with energy and silliness and Macbeth will be no exception. Forget what you know about Shakespeare’s tragedy and expect the unexpected!
If you’re curious to see how Oddsocks can turn tragedy to comedy, then Macbeth is not to be missed. This is “Shakespeare for today. Seriously silly Shakespeare” says Oddsocks Artistic Director Andy Barrow.

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies and tells the story of greed, witchcraft, murder and mayhem. Although the comedy might not leap off the page, Oddsocks have 26 years old experience in guaranteeing to provide laughs aplenty!

Andy continues by describing their unique style of performances: “Oddsocks is a theatrical experience for everyone. Highly energetic, full of life and plenty of laughs! It’s Shakespeare, but not as you know it! ”

Alongside their touring theatre work, Oddsocks also run their Open Doors scheme which engages families and local charities with theatre, aiming to inspire, engage and entertain those who may normally be able to access theatre.

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